Downton Abbey is PBS’s Super Bowl. The ITV import draws the highest ratings on the public broadcaster, and network officials once again gave it red carpet treatment at press tour.

"Flush with 18 Emmy nominations for FX’s Fargo, executive producer/head writer Noah Hawley half-jokingly fears the worst as he begins piecing together a followup that will be set 27 years earlier…”

Ed Bark reports from Beverly Hills, CA about the new season of the FX hit.

"Since so many had already thanked HBO during the evening Bryan Cranston thanked them too – for turning his show down."

Bill Brioux covers the 30th annual Television Critics Association Awards. For more, visit TVWW.

Ed Bark provides a sampling of answers in mass interview sessions generated by questions from TVWW at the 30th annual TCA Awards.

"Their timing, their use of pre-recorded pieces, their mortality and their irreverence all are evident in their new show’s title: Monty Python Live (Mostly): One Down, Five to Go."

David Bianculli attended the final Monty Python stage show in London, coming soon to America on DVD.

Ed Bark talks camera angles and storytelling techniques on sitcom television shows such as I Love LucyHow I Met Your Mother and upcoming series Cristela.

"James Garner, whose death at age 86 was just announced, was a great actor who made acting look easy. But he leaves behind two iconic TV series roles, a handful of exceptional telemovies, and one of the most impressive resumes in TV history…"

David Bianculli pays tribute to James Garner.

“‘Married’ and ‘You’re the Worst’ (above), premiering Thursday night at 10:00 and 10:30 p.m. ET, respectively, don’t have the vignetted, semi-surreal structures of Louis C.K.’s show, but the environments are the same with characters acting badly, winning a little, but mostly losing. “

Eric Gould reviews FX’s new comedies at TVWW.

"Set your alarms for 4 o’clock OMG if you want to catch the scheduled Thursday morning opening for ESPN coverage of The Open from Royal Liverpool."

Gerald Jordan reports on the British Open Golf Tournament.