Ed Martin travels back in time and remembers “The Patty Duke Show.”

"Pam Smart was first seen in the media as the grieving widow of her husband of just one year who had been shot in the head after surprising presumed burglars at their condo. Smart, maintaining her innocence after almost 25 years in prison, is interviewed several times for the documentary."

Eric Gould reviews HBO’s “Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart.”

"So many of this year’s Emmy categories were crammed with such strong contenders, or diluted with jarringly inappropriate competitors, you wouldn’t think the Emmy voters could get it right."

Did the 2014 Emmy Awards get it right this year?

David Bianculli offers his take on the award show results at TVWW.

"Those looking in on Friday night during Bill Maher’s annual summer hiatus will probably be wondering what’s happening when the best HBO can cook up is Chris Lilley’s latest import of brat-hood, Jonah From Tonga.”

Eric Gould reviews the HBO series.

"It’s the longest single-series marathon ever televised – and ‘The Simpsons’ isn’t over yet."

The Simpsons marathon continues on FXX and David Bianculli can’t help but think back to when the series launched on Fox.

“‘The Knick’ delves deeply and often gruesomely into surgery circa 1900 at New York City’s poor-side-of-town Knickerbocker Hospital.”

Ed Bark reviews the new series starring Clive Owen. For details, visit TVWorthWatching.com

Downton Abbey is PBS’s Super Bowl. The ITV import draws the highest ratings on the public broadcaster, and network officials once again gave it red carpet treatment at press tour.

"Flush with 18 Emmy nominations for FX’s Fargo, executive producer/head writer Noah Hawley half-jokingly fears the worst as he begins piecing together a followup that will be set 27 years earlier…”

Ed Bark reports from Beverly Hills, CA about the new season of the FX hit.