ESPN, 3 p.m. ET; 4/11/2013

There’s one overwhelmingly dominant story line as we begin the first round of the 2013 Masters in Augusta: Tiger Woods. For the first time in years, he’s ranked No. 1 — and seems poised, the way he’s been playing lately, to win his first major tournament since 2008. Will he rise to these great expectations? Or will he crumble under them, continuing his slide from golfing dominance rather than reclaiming it? The first round will give an early inclination — but amazingly, TV viewers won’t be able to watch much of Woods playing live. ESPN’s live coverage begins more than four hours after Woods tees off today, so the only way to watch Woods play live today is to tune to and wait for Woods to reach a handful of holes on the back nine, where cameras are set up to provide live Internet coverage. After all this media hype about Woods’ improved play, not being able to watch him tee off really tees me off.

-David Bianculli