I’ve just completed a 15-episode Arrested Development binge on its return opening day on Netflix — and wow, was it worth it. It’s as hilarious as it is ingenious…

Creator Mitch Hurwitz, in reassembling the cast and revisiting the story line of this beloved, Emmy-winning Fox sitcom from 2003-2006, didn’t just return to form. He reinvented the form — turning Arrested Development into something so literally twisted, so cleverly and intricately intertwined, it’s like a double helix of comedy.

The 15 episodes, most of which are super-sized in length (up to 36 minutes long, with no commercials), constantly feed back into each other, slowly but surely doling out more information about what’s right in front of you.

Remember the season of Breaking Bad when you saw something floating in the swimming pool in the opening of the first episode, but didn’t understand its significance until that year’s season finale? Imagine that intensely advanced plotting applied to comedy — and you’ve got Season 4, the Netflix season, of Arrested Development.

-David Bianculli

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